Anti-Dispensary - Bill Miller Campain Windsor CO

Anti-Dispensary Meeting Held in Windsor One angry resident in Windsor Colorado organized an Anti-Dispensary meeting with the residents of this small Colorado town, in an attempt to find ways to run the Dispensaries out. The disgruntled organizer Bill Miller stated "I sympathize with the people who invested money to start a business here, but that's not my problem." He also said "My magic number of dispensaries that should be in Windsor is zero." The rather odd thing about Bill Miller's campaign is that his plan includes tactics beyond the regular legal channels such as pushing for new laws, or zoning restrictions. According to the Greeley Tribune he offered four plans: * Picketing the Dispensaries. * Sitting in front of the Dispensaries. * Taking pictures and video of patients entering and leaving the dispensaries. * Starting a petition to ban the dispensaries. This new Windsor resident was greeted by concerned citizens on both sides of the issue. Some supported his belief's while others, including dispensary owners clearly were against them. The owner of In Harmony Wellness Derek Cumings told Miller "You said you moved here in April, Well, all I want to say is welcome to Windsor. Welcome to my town. The town I grew up in. We moved to this town in 1978. I graduated from Windsor High School and then moved to Loveland. I have an invested stake in this town. When I wanted to open my business, I came back to Windsor because this is my town, a town that I love. A town I wanted to contribute positively to. So welcome to my town." Another concerned resident said "Why wouldn't you picket town hall and the people making the laws?" "The dispensary owners are only operating, trying to operate a businesses. Why would you want to put somebody out of business who's invested their money into something they were given the OK to do?" Clearly the issue is heating up in Windsor and at least one person is doing all he can to rile people up and send these legal dispensaries on their way. See Original Document at Greeley Tribune