Medical Marijuana Card Registration Requirements

Medical Marijuana Registry Application Process • Patient completes application • Physician confirms condition • Cost: $90 per year • Registry verifies physician licensure • Card must be renewed each year • All information is maintained in a confidential database To register with the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry interested applicants must send in a signed physician referral form and complete and sign a registry application form. Colorado Medical Marijuana Card Registration Requirements follow. • Completing an application form for a medical marijuana registry (ID) or identification card • Sign and date the registry application form • Have the physician sign and date the physician recommendation form • Photocopy a legible copy of an approved photo I.D. that establishes Colorado residency. • Send in a non refundable application fee of $90 (check or money order payable to (CDPHE) • Send all of the items above to: Documentation of condition • Bona fide patient/physician relationship • Physician, MD or DO, in good standing, licensed to practice medicine in the state of Colorado Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment or (CDPHE) care of the Colorado Medical Marijuana Registry 8100 East Lowry Boulevard Denver, CO 80230-6923 Medical Marijuana Registry Contact Information Debra Tuenge 303-692-2184 phone 303-691-7945 fax