Colorado Marijuana Law

Amount of marijuana allowed

• 2 ounces of usable marijuana
• Up to 6 plants, with 3 or fewer being flowering, mature plants
• Affirmative defense allowed for excess amounts

Legal Provisions

• Patient

- Possession of a valid registry card
- Compliance with provisions of state law
- Affirmative defense allowed if not in possession of ID card
- No protections under federal law

• Physician

- Advising patient of possible risks/benefits
- Providing written documentation of qualifying Condition

Recommendations do not violate federal law

• Prohibitions

- Using in a place open to or in view of public
- Using in any way that endangers the health of others
- Fraudulent representation of a medical condition
- Fraudulent use, theft, production or tampering
- Breach of confidentiality of the Registry

• Issues

– Who is responsible for bringing marijuana to the center?
– Who is responsible for accepting the marijuana at the center?
– Where will medicine be stored?
– Who has access to the medicine?
– Who can assist the patient with their medicine?
– Where can the patient use their medicine?

Assisted Living, Nursing Home and Hospice Care

• What have other agencies done in the past?
– Creation of Policy regarding medical marijuana use.
• Copy of patient’s registration card on file
• Protocol for tracking marijuana
• Location of medical use of marijuana
– Review of Policy by Legal Department